How to Join

The IBM Kiwi Magic Club, based in Auckland  is the only Magic Club in New Zealand afflilated to The International Brotherhood of Magicians. With a membership of over 85 magicians, both amateur and professional, the aim of the club is to promote and provide support and assistance for all persons in the magic community.  Club members are domiciled all over New Zealand. The Club meets every month at the Raye Freedman Library, 788 Remuera Road, Meadowbank.  (See 'meetings'). 

To join the NZ Ring 160, Kiwi Magic, The Tony Wilson Ring Inc it is necessary to belong to IBM International.

Cost for IBM International is $US75 joining fee and $US60.00 annually.  The cost to join Ring 160 is $NZ10.00 per annum.

For more information contact the Secretary.